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Welcome to Friday's update 🙌

After a couple of days working in Port Talbot I'll be catching up on content creation, training prep and admin today.

I'll be getting a walk in and some fresh air in too.

Enjoy your Friday and have a relaxing weekend!

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Are you saving time with AI? 🤖

63% of marketers say AI has helped them save time on their marketing tasks. 

Source: Gartner

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Broadcast Channels Launch On Instagram In The UK 📢

Initially introduced earlier in the year and expanded upon in June, Broadcast Channels enable the main creator and up to four co-creators to engage in messaging.

Additionally, designated moderators can oversee chat interactions. While audiences can't directly message within the channel, they can read updates, respond with reactions, and participate in polls.

For creators, Broadcast Channels serve as an excellent platform to keep their most dedicated followers in the loop with the latest news and updates. On the flip side, these channels offer audiences a convenient way to stay informed on the latest news, tips and more from the creator.

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Easier account switching on Threads 🧵

Threads has made it easier to switch between different accounts on mobile.

Tap and hold your profile icon then Add profile, then select the Profile you wish to log into.

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Meta Introduces Verification for Businesses Across Platforms ☑️

Meta is set to roll out its verification service for businesses on Instagram, Facebook, and eventually WhatsApp. The service will offer a verified badge, protection against impersonation, and dedicated account support. Initial testing will commence for Instagram and Facebook in selected countries, with plans to extend to WhatsApp. Subscription pricing starts at $21.99 USD per month for individual platforms or $34.99 USD for both.

Insight: I certainly wouldn't recommend this based on verification of personal accounts where promised benefits are not delivered. I've recently cancelled my subscription.

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How To Switch Off Those Pesky Broadcast Channels Invites On Instagram ⛔

To switch of notifications for invitations to subscribe to Broadcast Channels on Instagram:

1️⃣Go to 'Settings and privacy'
2️⃣Then tap 'Notifications'
3️⃣Then select 'Messages and calls'
4️⃣Then 'Broadcast channel invitations' then select 'Off'

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How To Create Or Join A Broadcast Channel

To create a Broadcast Channel you’ll need an Instagram Business Account.

To create a Broadcast Channel:

1️⃣Go to your inbox
2️⃣Tap the new message icon
3️⃣Then Create a broadcast channel

To join a Broadcast Channel:

1️⃣Head to the creator’s Instagram profile
2️⃣Tap the channel banner above the Following button

Or tap an invitation when you receive it, then 'I understand' then 'Join'.

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And finally

X v Threads

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